Established in 2009, eXp is a Christian youth project for young people across Cowal. They have a Christian core to their work

eXp and Cowal Kirk

There are already strong links between all the churches and eXp. These are links and connections that will be built on and developed over the next few years.

Our youth are our future and the future of all Churches. eXp are the future of Cowal Kirk.

Visit the eXp website.

More about eXp

We provide a wide range of opportunities that broaden the horizons of young people encouraging them to be more confident, think for themselves, engage positively with others, learn to be leaders and problem solvers, to be involved positively in their neighbourhoods and to keep moving in a positive direction as they grow and mature.

We meet young people where they are, out on the streets, in school, in the parks, at clubs and activities. We do not force the gospel but present it in a way which is both engaging and meaningful to young people.

We provide high-quality youth work that emphasises quality relationships, excellent programmes, and a high commitment to helping every young person who chooses to be involved realise their full potential.

Let's Work Together!

For more information about eXp you can visit their eXp website or get in touch with us at Cowal Kirk. To contact us use the button below …..
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