About Cowal Kirk

Cowal Kirk was formed in 2021. from five churches all aligned with the Church of Scotland and located within the Cowal peninsula of Argyll & Bute

Our Story

The newly formed union of the five Church of Scotland Dunoon churches came into being on 1st April 2021.

The initial five congregations of Kirn & Sandbank, St. John’s, The High Kirk, Toward & Innellan united to form Cowal Kirk. The union came about with guidance from the Argyll Presbytery who look after all the Church of Scotland churches in Argyll.

In mid-2021 this union was reduced to one of four churches as Innellan Church has ceased to be a place of worship and is to be placed on the market.

Our Journey

Christianity in Cowal dates back to the 6th century and the activity of St. Columba, St. Finan and St. Munn.  Just a few years ago there were 19 active churches across the peninsula but falling Church Rolls made it clear that Cowal could no longer fully support that number of established churches given the small congregations that gathered each Sunday.

With that problem in mind Argyll Presbytery undertook a Review of the area as part of their Presbytery Plan for the future. Representative Elders from each church worked together on the future of the church in Cowal to come up with a solution.

That solution is two-fold.  First a joining of five Cowal churches to form one Cowal Kirk and second a will to re-invent the Church in Cowal in the hope of bringing about a resurgence of the youth within the Church.

Since Cowal Kirk was formed Innellan Church has closed but for details of each of the remaining four churches click on the links below

Our Current Plans

Our Minister the Rev. Everisto Musedza welcomes you to the Cowal Kirk website. As a congregation we are delighted to now have Cowal Kirk’s first Minister .

Cowal Kirk are committed to undertake mission within the community that will see us re-engage with the youth, look after the elderly and vulnerable and generally connect with the local community through a wide variety of activities. The Kirk Session members are drawn from all five of the original churches and have a new structure in place for Cowal Kirk.  Now with our Minister in place, we can work even harder on implementing our Mission Statement.

Our Future Plans

The years 2020 to 2022 have been particularly difficult years for everyone, including Cowal Kirk, due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  There will also be a great many questions as Cowal Kirk grows and develops and The Rev Everisto Musedza and the Kirk Session hope through this website and other methods including our Facebook page to answer those questions and to keep in touch regularly with our congregations and all others who have an interest in Cowal Kirk and our churches.

These will include website news, Facebook posts, pulpit notices, newsletters, and the local press. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries, we shall be pleased to help. Visit our Contact page for details of how you can get in touch with us. The pandemic has been particularly difficult for so many and it has sometimes seemed hard to envisage how life can ever be the same but with faith and enthusiasm for the future, Rev. Everisto Musedza and the Kirk Session are confident that Cowal Kirk and all those associated with it in any way can emerge stronger and energised for new beginnings.

With a newly formed Cowal Kirk and a new Minister this is an exciting time for the churches in Dunoon and we hope that everyone will look at this as an opportunity to embrace new ideas, whilst still retaining the Church’s traditional values. It will be a chance to meet new people at social events, at regular services and to be part of some exciting and innovative ideas to put Cowal Kirk at the heart of our community and beyond. Together as a united parish and with God’s guidance Cowal Kirk will make our Christian witness in Cowal more relevant in 2021 and for many years to come.

Our Churches

You still have a choice of churches to attend or simply find out more about them.
Click below for more details of each church

Toward Church

Toward Church

The High Kirk Dunoon

The High Kirk Dunoon

St John's Dunoon

St John's Dunoon

Kirn & Sandbank Church

Kirn & Sandbank Church

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